First Parish Church Taunton Holiday Shop

Dear Church Member and  Friends,

First Parish Church is getting ready to open our Fourth Annual online HOLIDAY SHOP.  We hope to raise funds for the church and add to our holiday fun this year!

This is a friend-to-friend sale. Members and Friends donate items for the shop, and other members and friends purchase them!   We love hand made items - themed baskets -  homemade meals or desserts - services.  In the past we’ve had offered lasagna, soup, homemade ornaments, handmade art, pies, an afternoon of babysitting, child-made cookies, and lots more.


How do I participate?:

Go to the Donation Form page of this website, and fill it out with the following:

1. Please submit a list of the items you would like to offer, with a short description - and how many of each item. 

2. Please provide pictures of the items that we can post in the store (or a picture from online.)

3.  Please include the price for your items, services, or event.

      ~ For example: 

2 apple pies: Homemade Apple pie, made with sugar, butter, and cinnamon, crust is made with flour and egg yolk for browning. $10 each, Sally O.

3 batches of 1 dozen brownies: Brownies made with milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and with or without walnuts $8 a dozen, Nick  C.

12 pairs of handmade earrings: Earrings are made with sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and Jade gemstones $16 a pair, Winnie S.

A basket of Christmas wrapping (including 3 rolls of wrapping paper, 6 boxes, 6 bags, ribbon and 36 tags) $15, Cori J.

2 hours of yard cleaning: Jimmy will come to your house and clean up your yard waste, mow lawn and cut any branches or debris that needs it, At your convenience call Jimmy at 555-555-555 $40, Jimmy N.



When is Shop Open?:

~Bri and the Fundraising Committee will collect the descriptions of items you are offering for donation from now until Thanksgiving Day. (Nov. 23)  no later than 2pm.

~The online store will Open no earlier than 8am Black Friday (November 24th), and Close on Friday, December 8th by 9pm. 


What to do if I sold items:

~On Saturday, December 16th we ask that the donations be brought to the church. 

 Drop off after 12pm-till 2pm. Last drop off time is 1:45p. Bri and the Fundraising Committee will collect your item(s) and separate it into orders. 

**If you offered or donated a service or event, please write up a nice detailed card with a Thank you from you, and place it into an envelope. On the outside of the envelope please write in nice neat handwriting the name of your service or event.


When do I pick up my items:

~ You will be able to pick up your purchases on Sunday, December 17th, after our Annual Christmas Pageant and Santa service at church. *11:30p and no later than 1pm.  Please allow a few minutes after the service for Bri and the Fundraising committee to get to the back of the sanctuary to help you find your items. Thank you for your cooperation. 


This is a fun tradition.  Thank you so much for helping out everyone.

With Love & Light,

Bri LaBrie, First Parish Church Fundraiser Committee Member